Sustainable yet affordable

We offer unique products to our customers for their homes. At Tutamanta we want to create high quality products but we also want to rest easy in knowing that our products have been made under fair working conditions. Offering products which are sustainable and at the same time affordable seemed impossible in the past, but seems inevitable today.

A fair supply chain

Tutamanta wants to be part of a durable and fair supply chain. We want to accomplish this by choosing sustainable materials, keeping a direct connection to our producers and by avoiding unnecessary animal suffering. We also try to be as sustainable as possible in our shipping: we use recycled cardboard boxes, paper packaging tape, ecological business cards and craft paper as wrapping.

Talented artisans

We search all over the world for talented artisans who work with natural materials in an artisanal way. All of our products are fully made by hand by artisans in Ecuador, India, Kenya and Morocco. By working together directly with the artisans we keep their crafts and traditions alive but also help them in their search for a fair price for their work in today’s globalised market. We deliberately choose countries where it is less likely to earn a fair and stable income.

Natural materials

For our raw materials we always strive to use as many natural and sustainable materials as possible. Our plaids and pillows are made out of sheep wool and cotton, and our baskets are made either out of sisal or palm leaves. All these raw materials are completely natural and thus bio-degradable. Our efforts don’t stop there though: we always try to colour our products with natural dyes and avoid harmful chemicals wherever we can. In this way we hope to make your home a bit more comfortable, while at the same time making the world a bit more fair and sustainable.