Our team

Tutamanta team member Koen



After studying business management, Koen has always been dreaming of starting his own business. After a long search of what and how, it all fell into its place with the idea of Tutamanta: being able to combine his passions for entrepreneurship, travelling and craftsmanship.
Tutamanta team member Stephanie



Being a vegetarian for half of her life, Stephanie has always cared for her environment. After studying and working several years in the sustainability sector, her love and interest for the environment only grew stronger. Tutamanta became the obvious way to go: being able to combine her passions for sustainability, travelling and new cultures.
Tutamanta team member Milena


Coordinator - Ecuador

As a designer and a long time friend of Stephanie, it is easy to see why Milena became our partner in Ecuador. Driven to reach her goal and always enthusiastic, exactly what Tutamanta needs!