Oveja blankets

In Ecuador our beautiful woolen blankets are made by talented women in the northern region of the country.

Each blanket is knitted by hand and it takes approximately 10 hours to knit one blanket. The entire process however, from shearing the sheep to drying the wool, can take up to several weeks. Each item is made with incredible care, using a technique that has been passed on from generation to generation.
We use as much natural products as we can and we are proud to say the blankets are made out of 95% sheep wool, 5% acrylic is needed to make sure that the blankets do not start unravelling and thus loosing their form.

The wool that is used is sourced from highland sheep that roam freely in the Ecuadorian highlands.

Wool is not just a sustainable product that will make sure to keep you warm on cold nights. In addition to its natural softness and non-allergenic properties, wool retains its composition for longer than synthetic fibers.
Since we try to avoid using dyes or any other chemicals as much as possible, you will see that our blankets mainly consist of natural colours.
Wool products have long lifespans, making it a superb investment. When it's finally time to retire your favorite blanket, you can rest easy knowing that wool is 100% biodegradable.

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