At Tutamanta we believe that artisans behind the products deserve more recognition. And we are truly convinced that a respectful collaboration between us and our craftspeople not only creates better working conditions but also leads to better products. With the “Meet the Artisan” series we would like to put artisans and their personal stories in the spotlight.

Today we are highlighting the story of Teresia Mulinge, one of the talented artisans that helps us create our unique Sisal baskets.

I am Teresia Mulinge, a widow for 9 years. Thanks to the basket weaving group I can survive. With the money I get from selling baskets I can pay for my children’s school fees and their uniforms, but it also allows me to buy water tanks and solar energy for my house

Teresia MulingeKisimenyi Basket weavers’ group
© Hadithi – Solid

All of our Sisal baskets are completely handmade and linked to the story of a strong Kenyan woman. The sale of baskets has become an important and sustainable source of income for these ladies. By buying one of the baskets you are thus not only offered a beautiful and practical item but you also contribute to the wellbeing of a local Kenyan family. A purchase that without a doubt will give you, or the person you are buying it for, a satisfied feeling!

Our artisans enrich and inspire us with their skills and traditions but also with their personal stories. The collaboration with our producers fills our work with meaning and keeps being a driving force in our work.