Tutamanta artisans India

Our pillows from India are made by talented women living in the rural surroundings of Ranchi.

About the ladies

These tribal girls and women are often poor and in a vulnerable position. We believe that if these women are offered a decent job close to their home that they are less likely to emigrate to the big cities in search of a better destiny. Because it is during these journeys that women often end up in situations of abuse or extreme poverty. By offering them a sustained source of income close to their homes, they do not have to leave their families and land behind in order to survive.

Fair wages

Local women are trained to become highly skilled weavers and can earn a fair wage by doing so. By paying them fair wages we hope to give future generations more opportunities towards improved education and livelihood. In this way, the women can share their wins and invest in a better future for their own community.

The distinctive pillows are made out of pieces from recycled Sari clothing.

About the material

The Sari (often spelled 'saree') is a garment traditionally worn by women in India and can be an heirloom passed down through generations, or a purely functional garment worn every day. Since every batch of leftover garments is different, every pillow will also have a slightly different look and feel to it.

Completely unique

Once the leftover garments are received, the artisans wash them, shred them into smaller pieces, and start weaving with these recycled pieces of garment. Most batches are a mix of leftover cotton and silk garments. This mix of different materials in combination with the process of making every object by hand ensures that each product is completely unique!

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