How should I care for my plaid or pillowcase?

Washing & drying

Natural materials such as wool are naturally dirt repellent which makes it very difficult to stain or damage them. Washing your plaid or pillowcase too often is not recommended. Airing is often enough to get your item fresh again. However, if you would like to wash your item make sure to do it with cold water, a mild detergent and not for too long, because wool shrinks rather quickly. Cotton is washable at around 30-40 degrees. To dry blankets, it is best to hang them flat over a clothes line outside to support the weight of the wet blanket. If in doubt, the safest choice is to go to a dry cleaner.

Airing & brushing

Airing or brushing your plaid or pillowcase is always a safe choice. Often air ventilation is the best way to (re)freshen your items. Take your item outside and give it a good shake before hanging it in an area where there is good airflow. If you would like to brush your plaid or pillowcase we advise you to do this with a soft-bristle garment brush. Lay the blanket flat on the floor and brush along the grain of the blanket’s surface. This will ensure the wool fibres are all lying in the same direction, removes any surface soil or stain and smooths the fibres of the blanket.